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We have done over three hundred projects - in Switzerland, India, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Here are some.....


Single Storey Bungalow

Located in Fernhill road and is 20 minutes from the central business district, sits this grand single storey house.

Contemporary designed with touches of the old Victorian style. The floors are tastefully done with timber and marble.

The masterly designed living room is the show piece of this house. It has luxurious sofas and coffee table, beautifully designed laser-cut panels and floor to ceiling glazing from which guests can admire the expansive garden and pool.

Eng Neo Avenue

two storey house

A two storey house in Eng Neo avenue surrounded by lustrous green leaf trees. It has a mixture of Tudor, Victorian and contemporary styling. Dark brown timber floor for the upper storey and marbles for the ground floor.

Layers of neutral, patterned fabric curtains bring understated elegance to the whole house. All bathrooms are in rich brown patterned marbles for the walls and floors.

A truly rich, luxurious home living for the family.

Lynwood Grove

Single Storey Bungalow

This landed property in Lynwood Grove projects a chalet-by-beach mood and feel. Especially during the nights when the pool lights-up, it gives an eerily wavy blue, yet tranquil feeling shadow onto Its surrounding walls.

High glazed sliding doors from the floor to the ceiling  between the pool and the living room amplify the tropical mood.

This house is minimalist styled. The walls, glazed, painted and marbled with the floors in parquet and also marbles offers a canvas for the textured accessories, artworks and table sculptures including the diving helmet to shine.

A timeless yet modern approach.


Two Storey House

This two storey house located in Hillcrest estate is surrounded by rich fauna, flora and a long narrow pool. It has a wide porch for the family to sit under the stars nightly. The walls inside are decked in patterned wallpapers and polished marbles. The floors are timber, granite and marble. Layers of neutral patterned fabrics draped the high glaze windows brings elegance to the house, a home where the family enjoys a rich liveable space.

Scotts Highpark


Located in a highly desirable locality in Scotts Road, is a condominium that has all the trappings of affluent living. It’s at the start of Singapore’s most acclaimed shopping district.

Influenced by the eastern culture, shades of brown appears throughout the unit, the bedrooms, living room, dining area and even the walkway towards the bedrooms. Textured accessories, sculpture and artworks further enhance the mood from the east.

It has the most striking view of the Singapore city, especially when you are having tea and cupcakes on the balcony with views unimpeded by glazed railings.