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Transforming a bungalow may seem like a gargantuan task but Ansana had its creative juices flowing the moment it set its eyes on the project.


Firstly, the home came with lots of windows to draw in the light from the front to the back, giving this property a sense of transparency but Ansana worked with the architect to allow some parts of the home where their interior ideas could materialise.


The living area is a picture of sophistication thanks to intriguing contrasts of old and new styles: classical armchairs and sofas court alcove lighting and crisp, clean white walls.


A peek-a-boo framed window offers a glimpse of the outdoor garden where a classical fountain stands. The dining area is replete with upholstered classical-style dining chairs, elegant drapes and sheer curtains that frame the view of the swimming pool while an antique-looking chandelier adds a touch of character. The modern staircase offers views of the lush surrounds through the large windows. A second living and dining area done up in black and white is a nod to colonial chic. It even offers a posh bar nook sporting black-stained cabinets to convey an air of regality.


This dark masculine theme is continued in the all-black study room where floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and wooden flooring stained a light brown add depth. The couple's shared walk-in wardrobe takes on an all-white, open-plan concept: the wife has a vanity desk and mirrored island counter to store jewellery while the husband has a big wardrobe to hold clothes. The lounge area prior to entering the master bedroom showcases numerous gold-framed family photos hung over the white console complemented by a white lounge chair. The bedroom's muted palette of whites and greys with classical furniture, mirrors and consoles, help to create a picture of serenity.


This is a welcoming home filled with contrasts – classical and modern, masculine and feminine, black and white – that coexist with each other harmoniously while helping the family to bond deeply.







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