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A semi-detached home gets re-imagined thanks to Ansana's simple plan with touches of ingenuity. It was a home in need of a façade change with a more engaging interior for the family's modern lifestyles. Ansana's transformation of this space created three floors of luxury filled with practical features.


But key to the interior's good looks is purple as the accent colour. It's not the gaudy royal purple, rather a subdued magenta that's almost close to lavender. But the theme of purple also appears on the family's existing upholstered furniture where it takes on a deeper hue.


The living room's eye-catching piece is the console made of silver and black laminates that makes it appear to look like a pixilated artwork. In fact, some of the silver and black laminates are doors or drawers to store possessions. Guests also love the sliding purple-stained glass doors that hide the Miele refrigerator in the kitchen. This acts as the perfect backdrop for the chic dining space which accommodates the family's existing six upholstered chairs.


The master bedroom offers a high-back, floor-to-ceiling leather bed headboard that divides this sprawling bedroom. Step beyond the headboard and you enter the lady-of-the-house's walk-in-wardrobe accommodating crisp white cabinetry with tall inset mirrors on the doors and an island counter crafted in mirrors. The master bathroom offers a more masculine tone – grey square tiles interspersed with black tiles, double sinks on black granite counter tops complemented by drawers offering mirror facades. Ansana even ingeniously concealed a TV with the mirrored doors, too.


The study room has a striking custom-made desk where its only leg is held by slats of glass and wood. This home proves that Ansana can work its magic with purple as an accent colour and create numerous bespoke details to satisfy the homeowner's preferences without losing any design sensibilities for modern day living.





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