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When British couple approached Ansana to create a plush interior with subdued Oriental touches, Ansana already had many ideas juggling inside their heads. The couple fell in love with this 2,700-square-foot space because it allowed them to enjoy enviable views of Thomson's sylvan surrounds.


In fact, they love the spacious balcony with outdoor furniture as it gives them front row seats to the spectacular vista. The home's backdrop is modern with clean lines, peppered by oriental touches such as the intriguing display cabinet with silk embroidery backing sporting bronze floral prints.


Ansana were also ingenious to create a custom-made shoe shelf to hide a bomb shelter. Both of the living room's longest lengths afford panoramic, lush views to soothe frazzled nerves when the couple returns from work. To add sumptuousness, Ansana framed the living room's projector screen with upholstery panels. The designers also quelled the couple's inclination for Asian décor by creating a custom-made sofa with Oriental damasks festooning its upholstery. A luxurious Minotti sofa courting a large Ming-style coffee table placed on a silk rug is the obvious favourite spot for the owners to rewind and relax.


A metal screen designed to look like fish scales demarcates the living area from the dining cum bar area. Interestingly, this screen hides the electric point that powers the wine fridge hidden in the custom-made marble-top credenza. This stylish storage even has elegant tassels on the door handles to connote an air of sophistication. Six stately high-back Ming chairs surround a glass rectangle table suspended from the ceiling – making it a choice spot for formal or casual dining episodes. The designers even included a dining area within the dry kitchen to add practicality to the cooking space. With such thoughtful features and charming aesthetics, it is indeed a welcoming home for a modern couple.






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