The spanking-new Seascape penthouse condominium affords scenic ocean vistas and balmy breezes and it's no surprise that the owners of this 4,000-square-foot space wanted an interior that is modern with a touch of luxury.


Ansana believes in keeping existing beloved possession of the homeowners and integrate them into the new habitat and these include a range of Asian-sourced antiques and objects like Tibetan chairs, teak bed and artworks.


The designers proposed a unique hardwood Thai coffee table to convey the same Asian warmth the interiors possess. A grey palette's neutrality was proposed to allow the luxurious interior to exude warmth without being ostentatious. The sheer curtains used in the day time have a hint of blue and diffuses the sunlight coming to make the space light-filled and airy. On the other hand, the night sheer curtains' silvery-blue hue adds lustre for enigmatic evenings.


An intriguing sandalwood feature wall in the living area becomes a conversation piece when guests lounge on the Minotti sofa and admire the medley of Asian objects and artworks. A bar counter cast in cement with blue LED lights under its counter hugs a sinuous balcony becomes the focal point in this outdoor space. This spot becomes the obvious choice to entertain friends during the weekend.


Other unique appointments in this home include a shoe cabinet sporting 3D laminates flaunting a burnished copper look, wood-stained book shelves, a custom coffee table that slides into a TV console and sleeker hand-rails for the staircase for a clean look. The transformation of this restful place was inspired by a nude painting – where the final ambience is both restful and calm. Connecting to this sleeping sanctuary is a study room that looks out to a custom water feature crafted in slate. With such tasteful appointments, this is a home that embodies eastern styles with a nod to modernity.






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