Switzerland – Crans Montana:

With the view of the Swiss Alps right at your door step, it is hard not to love the place.


Yet the owner indeed used not to fancy the house, or rather its interior, which was previously more homey and cottage-like with pine wood walls, scalloped curtains, chunky balustrades and mountainous-shaped cobblestoned fireplace.


In place now is a sophisticated put together of modern fit outs from the retractable cooker hob, glass rails, sleek lamps, crisp drapes to the white marbled wall fireplace half the size of its old self.


The grey, white and black palette now is almost a continuity of the picturesque alpines framed within the large windows. It is heartening too, that the owner gave us free rein from the re-laying out of spaces to the countless furnishing, lightings and material application within all of the 6000sqft, much of which are chosen for their forms, texture or details mimicking the alps or nature. The new interior is like a waft of Bvlgari perfume, carrying the dignity and elegance of the owner through and through.




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Kasem Khada-Or

Kasem Khada-Or

Kasem Khada-Or

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