Kuala Lumpur – P.J.:

Perched on a high ground, the house enjoys a tranquil aerial view of the surrounding foliage and neighbourhood.


Once you ascend to the main door, your eyes are drawn towards various Buddha, Ganesha and GuanYin sculptures positioned among neat landscapes and courtyards.


There are more Asian artifacts, paintings, antiques and collectibles inside the house, mostly dark colored, and the sheer volume of them brings to mind a private museum.


Their positioning and varying heights are planned laboriously to fit into a modern context of carefully co-ordinated European furnishing, audio equipment and fittings without looking incongruous or abrupt. Some needed to be grouped to create stronger visual impact, others needed to be raised or placed in spots deemed more respectful and deserving.


The end result is a harmonious placement of all, in a grand scale of 11,000sqft of interior space swathed in the airiest hues of beige and subtle gold accents. There are countless detailing in the treatment of spaces and interior finishing. From the 4metre dining table in a singular long log, silhouettes from the gold-latticed panels, to the iridescent Italian mosaic inserts and lamp crafted from undulating drift wood twigs, all examples of focal points amidst a natural color palette created to make a pleasant and dignified home.




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Kasem Khada-Or

Kasem Khada-Or

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