You would not miss the 2 Regina chairs in this hall, in their smooth turquoise leather, the ivory grand piano standing proudly nor the oversized butterflies mounted on the foyer's wall, zebra-skin rug and the diamontae grip bar on the main door.


It is a statement of outward confidence. So is the vibrancy of the colorful artworks around the 2400sqft of space.


One sensed the owner of this home is bold, happy and takes pride in possessing the finer things in life.


These and other lovingly curated items by the owner and us, lend masses of personality to an otherwise monochromatic interior of blue-grey and white. As with all older condominiums, we rearranged the spaces to make sense of their flow and ease of use for specific users. Especially eradicating the kitchen's awkward shape and dressing all the half-hexagonal shaped windows to let in light but disguise the view of close by apartments beyond.


Personality is what makes a space a home but a good layout is what makes a space work!




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Kasem Khada-Or

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