Re-designing a 10,000-square-foot space may seem like a daunting task but Ansana's experience with large spaces allows them to execute their expertise effortlessly.


Owned by a Spanish man and his Chinese wife and two active boys, their brief to Ansana was to create a modern tropical home that embodies an Asian slant with contemporary touches. It also meant that the home had to sate the two distinct nationalities of the couple.

Indubitably, Ansana imbued the two-storey with basement and attic with their mastery of sophistication.


Sitting on a hexagonal plot of land meant it offered odd corners, thus a bespoke approach was the best possible way to tackle the situation. The cavernous living room rewards owners and guests with views of the surrounding lush gardens. The numerous windows that dot this space allow plenty of sunlight to stream in and keep the mood lively. The home's entrance commands respect as the doors are created from timber frames holding glass panes while two stone pedestals add a touch of regality. The home's swooping spiral staircase is another noteworthy feature, capable of eliciting stares from first-time visitors.


This sculptural masterpiece is created from sinuous dark-stained timber steps while a matching handrail runs parallel in poetic symmetry. At the top of the staircase is a circular skylight where sunlight streams in to illuminate the foyer. Interestingly, some spaces of the home offer a European look that's true to the nth degree. Case in point: the Spanish-inspired patio with black-and-white wooden blinds, sumptuous sofas and a linear archway that looks out to a garden where a round concrete planter holds a frangipani tree. Even the master bedroom's lounge area evokes an East-meets-West look thanks to dramatic gold curtains, Oriental pendant lamp, rosewood screen and coffee table that courts a sumptuous European-style sofa.


The master bedroom appears resplendent thanks to a palette of gold and brown that plays up the oriental factor. However, the study room takes on an Occidental slant with classic Bergere chairs and well-appointed wooden desks befitting of a gentlemanly era plus floor-to-ceiling shelves hold books and other objects for studious episodes. But its attic roof emphasised by a classical chandelier makes the study room so spectacular that you feel you are transported into a European library.


One of the guest rooms - decked up in black and white - offers a leather-bound headboard with mosaic pattern, makes it an eye-catching statement. Matching black-and-white bed linen, table lamps and nightstands unify the theme further. The home's most luxurious feature is the freestanding bathtub that faces an area where one wash basin faces another but divided by a suspended mirror.








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