A family of four desired a fuss-free contemporary look for their 4,000 square-foot Strata semi-detached offering two storeys, basement and attic and opted for Ansana thanks to a recommendation from a friend.


One accesses the home through the basement car park and enters the double-volume foyer that wows the eyes with two bulbous pendant lights and a striking feature wall made of tiles and marble slabs. Beside this feature wall's floor-to-ceiling proportions are wooden steps that lead to the living area.


The home offers an infinity pool perched on its first level that overlooks a street. Timber decking around the pool and minimally landscaped garden offers some natural respite for this busy family. Its interiors flaunt a sleek modernity with touches of steel, glass and dark-stained flooring, complimented by modular furniture and well-thought out cabinetry and fixtures that hide personal belongings.


The living room's abundant usage of mirrors adds a luxurious feel and helps to double up the space visually. Guests ascend a small flight of steps from the living room to access the dining space cum bar area. Meals are further enjoyed thanks to floor-to-ceiling glass doors that frame the serene outdoors. The sumptuous bedrooms – located on the next floor – are a picture of blissful slumber. The master bedroom offers a well illuminated space and the piece de resistance is a long wardrobe with three-panel sliding doors each with a mirror pane to add a touch of sophistication. The master bathroom – decorated in soothing whites and creams – offers plenty of luxurious touches like double sinks, free-standing bath tub and an inconspicuous shower area, is the obvious favourite spot for the couple to indulge in. But when the weekends arrive, the couple also love to entertain in their black and white bar area where cocktails are served. This posh spot for downing classy tipples even provides a thoughtful cantilevered shelving to hold accoutrements and glasses, replete with three leather bar stools with chrome swivel bases.


This home demonstrates the power of Ansana's keen approach to creative spaces that pack in practical storage, contemporary aesthetics without sacrificing on comfort.





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