Hillcrest 177:

A clean, white modern home offers a playful edge thanks to ingenious spaces and Ansana's clever accessorising of natural elements such as a dining table cum dining bench hewn from natural wood.


Here, a Moooi pendant light that presides over the dining space offers an ethereal feel and resembles finely woven rattan. An indoor garden allows light to flood the living area and offer some ventilation to cool the home. In fact, the common bathroom looks out to this indoor garden through floor-to-ceiling windows.


Sheer curtains form the backdrop of the sofa to offer diffused light and to cast a dreamy effect on the interiors. The kitchen showcases all-white cabinetry and a sleek and generous counter top for the dry kitchen. Stepping into the master bedroom, you'll be enticed by the soft creams and whites that dominate this space. Behind the bed's headboard is a sturdy wall where the bathroom is housed.


On one side of the bed, the couple has an area for storage, vanity and a writing desk. The bathroom's "oasis of calm" look is attributed to a creamy marble feature wall that serves as a backdrop to a free-standing bathtub. A double-sink counter top and a unique sliding mirror that runs on the track of the double-tier open-plan shelves all take pride in this place. The home's commodious top floor offers a large balcony where dark timber decking accommodates outdoor furniture. Just beyond the balcony, one will be stepping into the second living area replete with a modular sofa and designer lighting and accessories. A homeowner's love for wines is evident in the kitchen cum bar counter area and a glass wine cellar storing champagne and wines.


If Ansana wants to show you how a modern family can live life to a hilt without breaking the bank, this home clearly demonstrates it.










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