Ansana is also adept at creating cosy spaces with clever detailing and thoughtful practicalities.


This is evidenced in a high-rise apartment where the living room is bathed in a soothing taupe. The standout feature wall made of marble offers intriguing natural streaks and grains. The TV console is framed on each side by a floor-to-ceiling mirror strip which creates a dramatic statement piece.


Behind the TV wall is a decent space offering plentiful storage for displaying well-loved objects and books. It even accommodates a writing desk, chair and 32-inch TV. But the chic dining space is possibly the most well coordinated space in the whole house because it's all about Ansana's knack of accessorising beautifully.


A linear, dark wooden table accommodates six leather dining chairs while a pendant sporting a wrinkly shade casts seductive shadows on the tableware. At one end of the dining table, is the same beautiful marble wall that shares with the living room. A thoughtful nook was even created to flaunt a precious Chinese vase simply by encasing it in glass and illuminated from its pedestal. A long wooden-framed mirror hung on the wall runs the length of the dining table to double up the space visually. The master bedroom offers sleek white console cum vanity corner where its custom fold-out top reveals a mirror that can be propped out. The parquet flooring adds warmth and depth to this dreamy bedroom to prime the owners for the perfect slumber. Other thoughtful features include: alcove lighting for reading and doing general tasks while sheer curtains help to diffuse the sunlight.


This is a home that meets the exacting requirements of the homeowners makes it a joy to come home to at the end of the day.







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