Jervois Hill:

Doing large scale homes requires a good sense of proportion.


This sprawling property's flying roof always gets first-time visitors talking. Sturdy steel pillars hold the gargantuan roof and plenty of glass walls draw in the light, making the living area airy and light-filled. Four leather armchairs and two large leather sofas from Giorgetti provide sumptuous seating and allow the family to enjoy views of the courtyard. Another noteworthy feature of the home is the formal dining space.


Located on the second floor, it offers a frameless view of tall trees for all 14 guests to admire as they tuck into their meals. Another favourite spot for the family is the generous-sized family room cum library. The highlight is a humungous fabric sofa facing a large-screen B&O TV for the family to unwind at the end of the day. Just behind the sofa is an informal dining area decorated with wall art and two towering shelves to hold music CDs.


At the other end of this room is a library: floor-to-ceiling black shelving to hold books while a black bar counter serves up drinks during the family's bouts of movie addiction. This is a home big on proportions with luxurious and practical features but the Ansana designers have also demonstrated to the homeowners on how to enjoy the merits of space and light which are the intangible luxuries we often take for granted.





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