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One can go overboard with a modern classical feel but Ansana approached this penthouse's interior with their interpretation.


To kickstart things, the designers prescribed white walls and floors to make it feel spacious and airy. Even in this 2,200-square-foot-home, there's a double-volume ceiling measuring 6.5 metres in the living cum bar counter area. To inject sparkle and drama, Ansana opted for two pendant Moooi 'Raimond' lights.


The observant eye will point one to the floor-to-ceiling feature wall that fuses with the TV console. Just behind the living area is a beautiful dining area awash in white and an elegant mirror sporting a distressed-wood finish. There is even a nook for a bay window which affords seat cushions for guests to relax and unwind. An alluring Barbara Barry-inspired console with golden curved legs complemented by two glass table lamps and a wooden-framed black antique bevelled mirror, adds a poetic poise to this set up.


Other bespoke pieces peppering this apartment includes: the mirror coffee table with lovely grid details and a false canopy to hold spotlights that focus on the black marble bar counter. The master bedroom is a picture of calm thanks to a high-back chesterfield headboard made of lavender velvet and silk wallpaper. To unify the look, the floor-to-ceiling curtains and cabinets have the same masculine hue as the bed's headboard. The vanity's entrance is made of white cornices that play up the modern classical field while a large mirror injects a luxe touch. This home's subtle classical touches, clean aesthetics and thoughtful features have clearly won over the homeowners.






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