Nightclub at People's Park

Can a 10,000-square-foot nightclub get a much-needed overhaul and reel in the customers?


Yes, it can. It was wise to seek help from Ansana to re-imagine its interiors. Done in a challenging time frame of one-half-months, this casino-themed nightclub and karaoke lounge currently tantalises the eyes with its eye-catching graphics sporting a hint of old-world charm to retain its loyalists.


Customers who set foot in this space are warmly welcomed by a sinuous blood red velvet clad counter that wraps around a large roulette. A medley of casino imagery such as poker card, kings, queens, diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs pepper the ambience to convey the gambling mood. The end result is a nightclub that packs in the crowds and engages all bona fide gamblers for a sure-fire fun time.





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