Hair Salon

When a business is housed in a neighbourhood vicinity rife with other retail businesses selling handpones and grilled pork, one needs to stand out from the crowd.


Thankfully, Ansana's expertise was hauled in to transform this hair salon offering haircut and hair spa treatments. Its brief to the design firm was to create a sense of relaxation for its clientele and to offer privacy from curious passer-bys.


Thus, Ansana prescribed a cosy interior with natural looking, solid materials such as silk drapes woven through timber frames and framing stone tiles as decorative wall pieces. Other notable design elements include a signage crafted from free-hand calligraphic strokes to emulate the sweep of a long brush. A striking large jar sporting a weave-like table top is the focal point for the owners to serve specially-concocted floral tea to its booming clientele. Now that's a hair-raising experience indeed!





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