Chan's Car Rental

Even with a 950-square-foot of space, Ansana can weave magic. Chan's Car Rental in the suburbs founded more than 30 years ago needed its space re-imagined.


With a growing customer base and competition from other retail businesses within its vicinity, the car rental company needed to up the ante and it looked to Ansana for interior expertise.


The brief to the design firm was to create a refreshing, cleaner and more professional image to its customers. It also needed to consider its in-house technicians accessing the shop and to accommodate four service staff to serve customers. Add a meeting room into the ensemble and one might think any design firm would flee. In this case, Ansana stood firm and rose to the challenge. The design firm created a sweeping five-metre curvaceous counter facing the main door that emanates an inviting look. The counter also hides desktop clutter and projects a clean appearance for the business. This well-crafted counter also allowed customers to quickly approach any service staff to expedite various transactions while keeping wait-time short.





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