Established since 2003, Ansana is always looking to grow its business and groom talented individuals who are keen to learn new things in the areas of design, interior design, styling, product sourcing and architecture.


The company desires to engage individuals who are not just passionate about what they do, but also patient to learn the ropes of the industry. In this challenging, client-focused environment, Ansana also seeks individuals who have resilience of character and have the deep desire to look for solutions to solve problems. Ansana also believes in building great relationship with clients and all other parties whom their paths cross.


The company also believes that the key to doing well in this demanding industry of serving clients, an Ansana employee must have a desire to develop their Emotional Quotient (EQ). While Ansana believes that nobody is perfect, it does believe that as long individuals who have the willingness to learn new things, learn from their mistakes and make a firm commitment to doing a job well, it has the makings of the perfect employee.



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